December 14, 2016

Learn Lightning: Setup

Gillian Bruce from Salesforce takes us on a quick tour of the standard tasks that Administrators do every day but she does this using Lightning Experience.  Navigating setup, using the Carousel in Setup Home, Searching, the Lightning Object Manager and Managing Users, Data and Email settings. […]

December 11, 2016

BEST PRACTICES: Optimize Your Salesforce Dashboards

This Knowledge Article from Salesforce provides some helpful advice on developing dashboards that provide a compelling story to your audience. Follow the three (3) Dashboard Design Principles to create your winning dashboard.  Additional references are included. Go here and start optimizing your dashboards.

December 11, 2016

Creating and cloning users in Lightning

In this Lightning Blog episode, Gillian Bruce from Salesforce takes you through how to create users with the Lightning Experience and introduces a free app that you can install to allow users to be cloned.  Great time saving for Administrators and easier to manage than […]

December 11, 2016

Are you ready for TLS 1.0 being disabled?

On March 4, 2017 Salesforce are deactivating the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol.  TLS = Transport Layer Security, used to provide secure connections between client applications and servers.  TLS 1.0 has a number of known vulnerabilities and is gradually being phased and replaced with TLS 1.1 […]

December 11, 2016

Contacts with multiple Accounts

Have you experienced the problem where you have a contact that has multiple roles with different accounts?  They may be a CEO of one company and on the board of several others.  Instead of creating duplicate contacts for the different roles, you can now configure […]

December 11, 2016

FREE Salesforce Administrator training course

Everything you need to get certified in Salesforce Administration.  The price is right too, it’s FREE!  Over 250 students have passed the official Certified Salesforce Administrator exam by studying here.  Our course material and Study Guide helps you get organised with a week by week […]

December 10, 2016

Customised Report Types = Easier Reports

Report Types are the selections that are presented when you create a new report in Salesforce.  They represent a view of the objects that you require to produce a report.  For example you may have a report type “Students with Enrolments in Courses” which may […]

December 10, 2016

Prepare your sandbox for the Spring 17 preview

The Spring 17 release of Salesforce is coming in January.  To prepare your sandbox to receive the preview of this release, you may need to refresh it before January 5th.  Read more about preparing your sandbox(es) here in this blog post from Salesforce.

December 9, 2016

Unlimited field history tracking

Salesforce limits tracking changes to a maximum of 20 fields per object. If you want more, install this great FREE App Ultra Field History tracker and have unlimited fields with the ability to filter, report and extract the changes. Thanks to Cloud my Biz for […]