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Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 compared

This comprehensive report by CRM Switch does a fair and unbiased side by side comparison for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

It covers product details, environment, security, APIs and customisation, workflow, reporting, email, Office Integration etc, etc.  Well worth a read if you are starting down the CRM journey and want a good starting point for a comparison or you have a potential customer considering both products.

Salesforce Superbadges: Prove your Skills!

Salesforce has some advanced level badges called Superbadges that challenge you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to advanced, real-world business requirements. These are much more difficult than the standard badges and you have to do a fair bit of your own analysis to determine what has to be done to complete the badge requirements. Note: These are not easy to complete. The estimate of 4-6 hours to complete each Superbadge is very optimistic.  If you run into problems you can realistically expect to spend 3-4 times as long to complete some of these challenges.

There are currently four Superbadges available:

Who or What is Salesforce Einstein?

In his blog, Nitin Gupta from the New Delhi Salesforce Developer User Group explains what Salesforce Einstein is all about.

Einstein ensures that AI systems do what people actually wants it to do; With Einstein, Salesforce became smartest CRM in the world.

He explains how Einstein is built into all the Salesforce cloud based products.

Read more here on his blog.

Contacts with multiple Accounts

Have you experienced the problem where you have a contact that has multiple roles with different accounts?  They may be a CEO of one company and on the board of several others.  Instead of creating duplicate contacts for the different roles, you can now configure multiple relationships.  This short video from Salesforce Docs explains all. Supported in both Lightning Experience and the Classic User Interface.

Go here to view the video on YouTube.