April 19, 2023

Reactive Formulas in Flow

A new (beta) feature coming in Summer ’23 relase of Salesforce is the use of reactive formulas in Flow. Instead of having to navigate to the next page to see the result of a calculation, you can add a reactive formula that will “react” or […]

February 20, 2023

Is there a STAR in your Resume?

If your resume reads like a list of duties then you need to fix it. Does this look familiar (a Customer Service Officer role) (taken from a real LinkedIn profile) What’s wrong with that? There is no problem being solved, no explanation of what they […]

February 13, 2023

Spring 23 Features

A summary of the key new features of the Salesforce Spring ’23 release.

January 7, 2023

HTTP Callouts from Flow

In the Salesforce Winter ’23 release is a new feature – HTTP Callout. This allows API calls to be configured and used from within flows, a true game changer for integrating external data into a flow and enriching Salesforce records. Note: This is a beta […]

October 2, 2022

Flow testing goes GA

You can now build tests within a Salesforce flow to make sure you don’t break things in your Production environment. Turn manual debug runs into automated tests Test each scenario with a single click Visualize the results for each test path without regression risks

October 2, 2022

Flow Datatable (beta)

A new (beta) feature coming to Winter ’23 is the native datatable element. You can easily create tables to enable users to view or select records. Create richer, more informative pages that can display hundreds of records. Provide all the information users need to make […]

October 2, 2022

Formula Checking in Flow

The enhanced formula builder with the syntax checking feature (in the Winter ’23 release) now enables you to check formulas you have created right in the formula builder instead of having to save the flow to find syntax errors. It’s a great new feature saving […]

June 25, 2022

5 steps to a Successful Salesforce Career

If getting your first Salesforce job or improving your career prospects is important to you then read along as I share my 5 steps to a successful Salesforce career. Step 1 – Learn Objective: Get Skilled The first step is to learn the Salesforce product […]

May 26, 2022

5 Ways to Optimize Salesforce for Marketing

Specially written for CertifyCRM.comBy: Rosanna Joy Image Source: Unsplash Salesforce is a cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software platform. With services that cater to various industries like customer service, finance, HR, and supply chain management, Salesforce is a platform that is being used on a […]